Why You Should Invest In a Quality Oak Dining Table

Advantages of investing in oak furniture from Oak Furniture King

With the choice of 9 table and 8 chair ranges, theirs nothing but a huge variety of choice here at Oak Furniture King. Our dining sets come in many combinations but, if you’re not 100% on our current sets, you have the freedom to create your very own dining set.

What you can find here:

Wood type: Light & Rustic Oak

Chair colours: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Ivory

Chair textures: Leather & Fabric

Seating: 4, 6, 8, 10 seater

Number of chair ranges: 8

Number of table ranges: 9

Sizes: Large or Small

Practicality: Fixed or Extendable


Putting your hard earned money into a dining table will be the best investment you will ever make for your dining area. Our solid oak tables are made with the strongest wood available and, when looked after correctly, will last generations. Maintenance is a pretty quick and straight forward. Simply dusting one a week will keep it in good condition, whilst a quick polish every couple of months will help maintain its clean cut look and preserve its longevity. Along with these benefits, oak wood contains intricate grain patterns ensuring an attractive furniture item that offers great style and sophistication – something your guests will also love.


Our wide selection of oak dining chairs along with leather and fabric dining chairs can combine well with any of our dining tables. From the modern look of the Lola chairs, to the vintage style of the rustic Princeton chair, you will be able to find the one perfect for you.


The Valencia dining table (Sold on our sister site Modern Furniture Direct) is a stunning combination of glass and wood with its feature piece ‘X’ design base and 12mm thick glass top.

The clear glass top creates a sense of space in addition to revealing the full beauty of the chunky ‘X’ shaped frame, whilst the natural wood effect adds a touch of warmth and cosiness to the overall look.

The Valencia dining table is available in 2 sizes, 160cm x 90cm (small) and 200cm x 100cm (large). The small table can comfortably seat up to 6 people and the large can seat up to 8.

The glass is firmly attached to the base using contemporary stainless steel metal discs which screw into the base. The table also has adjustable feet hidden underneath the base making it possible to adjust the table on uneven floors.


If you don’t have a table yet, we recommend our Mix & Match category to customize your dining set easier. And don’t forget, we offer free UK delivery on all products.

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About Oak Furniture King

We’re extremely confident in the quality of product and service we supply and the unbeatable value for money we offer that all our furniture is backed by a full 14 day no quibble money back guarantee. Furthermore, we can assure a price beat promise and free delivery on all products – most of which don’t require any assembly.



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Cottage Styled Kitchens You Will Love

Cottage-styled kitchens are a classic theme that add a traditional, characteristic look to any room in any home – in this instance, kitchens. With the painted cupboards, chunky wooden beams, worktops and old fashioned oven areas, what is not to love. Below, we have a list of our favourite ones that have caught our interest on Pinterest.

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What did you think? let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Kuba Solid Oak Glass Display Cabinet



Why a Solid Oak Coffee Table Is a Good Investment

The relevance of having a coffee table is mainly for the practical aspect, with the added bonus of having a beautiful, strong furniture piece that is the center of any living room. It is important of how useful a coffee table can be – especially when purchasing oak.



  • Store magazines & newspaper
  • Place your drinks or the occasional pizza
  • Can put your feet up
  • Store your remote control or;
  • For decorational purposes

Purchasing solid oak products is a long-term investment in furniture – along with it being a stunning center piece that goes well with almost any interior decor. As you can see below, oak dominates pine and beech wood.


Solid oak furniture is hard-wearing and incredibly easy to maintain. Simply dusting and polishing regularly will preserve that “just-new” look.

Sound good? well, there’s more…

The characteristic grain pattern and the many shades, styles and finishes, you can be confident finding the perfect companion for your home decor.

Along with a fantastic lifetime-lasting, beautiful storage solution, solid oak furniture is also highly resistant to:

  • Scratches & dents
  • Moisture & spills
  • Humidity & temperature changes
  • Grease & oil




If a coffee table is not quite what you’re looking for, we do have our range of nest of tables.


Life Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

You’ve bought your product(s) from Oak Furniture King. But, on a tight budget you realise you need to curb your spending. This is where we have you covered. Our list of life hacks will save you time & money – and may even be incorporated into your daily routine.

Tennis Ball Holder

To begin, we have this very cheap and easy holding for your mail, keys, towels, office equipment and any other small items you think would be useful to store. Furthermore, theirs a possibility that you may already have a tennis ball. If not, Ebay have a ton of great deals, some of which are actually selling in bulk for less than £10.


Walnut Scratches & Dings Hack

All you will need for this trick is a walnut (obviously) and a dry cloth to buff the area afterwards. In case your are wondering how this works watch the video below for a full in-depth guide. But basically, The natural oils in the walnut are absorbed by the wood, restoring it’s colour. And the texture from the walnut helps smooth out the area a little.


Elastic Band Trick

This technique can get you out of a lot of trouble when you don’t want to spend money on tools etc. It is also useful to note that you can get a huge bundle of elastic bands, for free, from your local postman.


Washing Peg Trick

In order to keep your fingers in-tact and avoid putting a dent in your walls, try this nifty trick with your clothes peg.


Wires Organizer

Have a lot of unorganized leads & wires lying around? well, you may want to hang on to your toilet roll tubes and old shoe boxes as you can do this:


Condiments Holder

If you are inviting family and friends over for food, consider this neat trick!


Wallpaper Tip

If you have a high demand of birthdays you have to keep on top of every year, this toilet paper tube trick is sure to make your life a lot easier. You can forget about messy presents wrapping, this will save you time and money, making present wrapping more economical in more than one aspect.


Grape Hack

And Finally, the ingenious grape hack. After trying most (if not ALL) of the above, kick back to round off your dedication by adding frozen grapes to your glass of white wine.

For those in the unknown, “White wine is made by fermenting juice which is made by pressing crushed grapes to extract a juice; the skins are removed and play no further role”. Learn more



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Solid Oak Kuba – Furniture Collection

Our Solid Oak Kuba Collection is one of the widest collections we have here at Oak Furniture King, with every piece having that durability and style that Oak Furniture is renowned for having. The Kuba collection has a very modern look and feel to it, with its light finish and cube style, meaning it wouldn’t look out of place in any room of your house. Furthermore, all of our products have a price reduction, along with our price beat promise, helping you save more!

Living Room

Save over £100 on most Kuba living room products.


Dining Room

Save over £100 on most Kuba dining room products.



Save on average £129 on bedroom furniture.


Kuba Sideboard – Product Review



Abandoned Home Interiors

A handful of homes that have been left uninhabited over the years. Some of which have been forgotten so long that nature has already began reclaiming its spot. Below, you will see some beautiful homes that will make you question how and why they have been left to rot. However, in some instances it is safe to say that an abandoned home sometimes has a raw beauty about it – especially in more traditional homes.

Traditional Staircase

Looking at this image, it makes you wonder how incredible this would look if restored to its former glory. With bags of character and being the first thing you see when you walk through the door, it is definitely a feature that would make a great impression to guests. In-fact, in it’s current condition it still makes a fantastic impression.


Abandoned Living/Dining Room

If it wasn’t for the rotting wood, this room would probably look as though it had never been discarded. With the remaining dining set with plates and glasses still remaining, TV, sideboard, pictures and clock on the wall, it makes you wonder how this home was left to depreciate.


Abandoned Study

This abandoned study seems to have been mysteriously left with most, if not all, books remaining. It is interesting to wonder what the books actually contain, but nevertheless it’s reassuring to know they haven’t been vandalized.


Nature Slowly reclaiming It’s Space

This old living room has obviously been left for a while. With it’s characteristics slowly decaying from the force of mother nature, it makes you wonder how much this room radiated it’s beautiful character when once occupied.


Added Extra

The Oldest House is France

Built around the 13th century, this old house in Aveyron, France is still standing and inhabited in today. Along with it’s beautiful exterior, this home has a reason why the upper floors are much bigger than the ground floor. Due to taxes, they were only required to pay tax on the ground floor square-footage, hence the larger upper floors.



Why Oak Living Room Furniture

With your living room being one – or possibly- the most family orientated room, you have to consider the best furniture solution for this room.

Hands down, investing in solid oak furniture is a must when considering this. With the variety of benefits of oak, it is hard not to like. For instance, solid oak furniture is hard-wearing and incredibly easy to maintain. Simply dusting and polishing regularly will preserve that “just-new” look.

Sound good? well, there’s more…

The characteristic grain pattern and the many shades, styles and finishes, you can be confident finding the perfect companion for your home decor.

Fun Fact: Did you know oak is stronger than pine and beech wood.


Along with a fantastic lifetime-lasting, beautiful storage solution, solid oak furniture is also highly resistant to:

  • Scratches & dents
  • Moisture & spills
  • Humidity & temperature changes
  • Grease & oil

If you’re still unconvinced, you can buy dense hardwood furniture from our main website, Oak Furniture King, preassembled and delivered (UK Only) for FREE! 

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Virtual Interior Designs Custom To You | Request a Design

Take advantage of our free mock-up home designs, catered just for you. With the submission of your home interior photo’s and furniture requirements, we will create a virtual design of your chosen room(s) and furniture in order for you to gauge how products will look in your chosen room choice(s).

Below are examples of what we can to give you as an idea. All submissions are totally free and should take at least 2 days to complete (This is subject to change dependent on requests).


Products used:

  • Oslo Solid Oak Coffee Table [2 Drawer]
  • Cottage Solid Oak Coffee Table [8 Drawer]
  • Oslo Solid Oak Dining Table
  • Kuba Solid Oak Large Bookcase
  • Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak Widescreen TV Cabinet
  • Oslo Dining Table Washington Scroll Top Dining Chair [Burgundy Leather]



  • Oslo Dining Table Washington Scroll Top Dining Chair [Burgundy Leather]
  • Oslo Solid Oak Coffee Table [2 Drawer]
  • Cottage Solid Oak Coffee Table [8 Drawer]
  • Oslo Solid Oak Dining Table
  • Kuba Solid Oak Large Bookcase
  • Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak Widescreen TV Cabinet
  • Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak Dressing Table

Request a design:


Please send images of your room to: Jaike@alm-distribution.co.uk

Please note: Only one room at a time can be done.

Miniature Furniture Sets | Inspirational Models

Miniature furniture sets are an awesome piece of craftsmanship, especially when great detail is added. In-fact, it’s something that you will be seeing from us very soon and we hope you give it a go and send them in to us.

Below we are going to look at furniture items, entire furniture sets and step-by-step guides to creating your own.

Bench Made With Ice Lolly Sticks

With 14 ice lolly sticks, glue and a small saw you can create you this cool miniature bench. You can add your own touch by saw the ends to make the edges square, rather than rounded. Also, a possibility of varnishing the bench would potentially add more character to the wood grains.


Wall Clock Made With a Button

Have a button that inconveniently popped off your clothing? well, you can now make use of it and turn it into a miniature clock! To create the numbers you can either draw or print the image and glue to your button. Then, we recommend using plastic for the clock hands as it’s easier to cut and shape.


Bedroom Set

An incredibly detailed bedroom set that has a lot going on. From wallpapered walls, windows, wooden floor, desk, bed, picture frames and more – you can tell an incredible amount of effort had gone into this.


Living Room Set

A minimal but modern living room that shouts sophistication. With scrap pieces of wood you may have lying around, you can create one too. The floor seems to be a table top acting as the living room floor. The walls can be made with cardboard painted, and then glued together. Then simply put together the rest with paper, old cloth’s and wood you may have. If not, Hobbycraft sell bags of random pieces of materials which may help you finish your project.


Display Cabinet

This detailed display cabinet seems to consist of paper, transparent plastic for the glass effect and thin slices of wood that can be cut with a sharp blade. Accurately measuring and drawing out your templates and fixing them together with glue – and hanging the doors with miniature hinges – can be achieved too.


Miniature Desk

We believe we have saved the best till last. Although the above are incredible, this one tops our list for having the most attention to detail paid for such a small piece.


Thanks for stopping by! tell us your which was your most favourite in the comment below 🙂