Halloween Ideas You Should Try



The american tradition of Halloween has evolved quite considerably over the years, being celebrated by millions all over the world. With the huge number of people that celebrate it yearly, the tradition never fails to bring out the creativeness in people. For some, October 31st may be kind of frightening, but it is well intentioned and a lot of fun for children and adults – hence why it’s the biggest holiday of the year, with Christmas being the most celebrated.

With such a celebrated holiday, it’s inevitable that creativeness is only going to get even better. Below we have compiled a list of ideas you should try if your throwing your own party this year.

Baby Face Mirror

This one can be made at home using a toy doll and Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris is used for making basic sculptures. It’s important you learn how to use this material which you can discover here.

Fun fact: Plaster of Paris is also used by hospitals to form a cast to protect an injury such as a broken arm.


Coloured In Orange Pumpkins

Produce your very own pumpkin look-a-like babies by drawing scary faces on them. All you need are a bundle of oranges and a marker pen, which can all be bought for less than £5 dependent on how many you buy and where you buy them from.


Free Shots

If you are throwing a party, a good way to start the night for you and your guests is to fill syringes with shots. You can buy toy syringes in bulk for a reasonably cheap price.


Rope Tie

Be creative and use a rope to replace your tie. We would recommend using a clip-on version for safety reasons.



How To: Bedroom Colour Matching

If you are interested in colour coordinating your bedroom, we have a few tips for you before doing so.

Depending on what kind of style you like, we have two suggestions for you that may inspire you to customise or alter your current decor choice.


Colour matching is something that needs careful thought. With the bedroom being the place of relaxation and rest, it is important to absolutely nail colour co-ordination. Generally, the aim is to create a sense of warmth and comfort. The example below shows how you can match your furniture colour with your wall. However, what will really create that sense of warmth is lighting. How does your lamp reflect from your chosen colour?



As mentioned with colour, careful consideration has to go into how you want your place of relaxation to look. With consistency being high priority, you need to ascertain what kind of feeling you would like when you enter the room. Creating a personalized theme is important however, you need to decide where you would like your pattern to appear. For example: Patterned wallpaper, headboard, curtains, tables, carpet etc. If you decide that you prefer a patterned wallpaper for example, it would be more effective to consider matching it with something else. For example, below you can see the headboard and curtains pattern match, proving to be very effective.



Remember: If you are still unsure on what decor style you would like; or are intrigued how your room would look with your chosen colour, visit our 3D virtual showroom. Our virtual showroom is a FREE service provided by us to help you tour a 3D model of your room to aid you in deciding your preferred colour choice.



Furniture Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Practical ideas on a budget

Whether it’s with furniture you already have, or you have to buy materials to build a cheap furniture piece, you can create almost anything you need if you have a very strict budget. Below, we present you with examples of what you may be able to implement in your home.

Balcony Laptop Rest

If you have a small balcony, good weather but limited space for you to work, try this. A laptop stand that easily sits on your balcony railings, giving you freedom to work and enjoy the weather at the same time.


Add a unique style to your patio

If you’re not a D.I.Y savvy and you’re hosting a party on the weekend, this alternative seating area is something you should definitely consider to provide extra seating. All that’s needed is breeze blocks, 6 lengths of timber and a spare 10 minutes.


From desk to a seating area

If you have converted your office area into a bedroom, instead of selling your desk, make it into a practical seating area for your living room/hallway.


Practical picture/dining table

Make your favourite wall picture your dining table as well. If space is limited, why not combine your picture frame into your dining area? it’s a win win situation that we’re sure will take your guests by surprise.


Bringing outdoor furniture indoors

These guys have literally gone all out to invest in a very unique bathroom area. Using old ladders as a towel rack, a door/window frame for a mirror, a bench and 2 metal tubs as the sink, you almost have yourself a full bathroom. Just one thing is outstanding, what did they use for the bath tub?


And finally, an improvised holder for your keys

If your rock days are over and your amplifiers are sitting there doing nothing. Instead of selling, salvage parts to use as a practical alternative – in this case, a holder for your house/car keys.


If you’re interested in purchasing new furniture, we have hundreds of products on our furniture sites:

Oak Furniture King

Modern Furniture Direct

Cottage Styled Kitchens You Will Love

Cottage-styled kitchens are a classic theme that add a traditional, characteristic look to any room in any home – in this instance, kitchens. With the painted cupboards, chunky wooden beams, worktops and old fashioned oven areas, what is not to love. Below, we have a list of our favourite ones that have caught our interest on Pinterest.

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What did you think? let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Miniature Furniture Sets | Inspirational Models

Miniature furniture sets are an awesome piece of craftsmanship, especially when great detail is added. In-fact, it’s something that you will be seeing from us very soon and we hope you give it a go and send them in to us.

Below we are going to look at furniture items, entire furniture sets and step-by-step guides to creating your own.

Bench Made With Ice Lolly Sticks

With 14 ice lolly sticks, glue and a small saw you can create you this cool miniature bench. You can add your own touch by saw the ends to make the edges square, rather than rounded. Also, a possibility of varnishing the bench would potentially add more character to the wood grains.


Wall Clock Made With a Button

Have a button that inconveniently popped off your clothing? well, you can now make use of it and turn it into a miniature clock! To create the numbers you can either draw or print the image and glue to your button. Then, we recommend using plastic for the clock hands as it’s easier to cut and shape.


Bedroom Set

An incredibly detailed bedroom set that has a lot going on. From wallpapered walls, windows, wooden floor, desk, bed, picture frames and more – you can tell an incredible amount of effort had gone into this.


Living Room Set

A minimal but modern living room that shouts sophistication. With scrap pieces of wood you may have lying around, you can create one too. The floor seems to be a table top acting as the living room floor. The walls can be made with cardboard painted, and then glued together. Then simply put together the rest with paper, old cloth’s and wood you may have. If not, Hobbycraft sell bags of random pieces of materials which may help you finish your project.


Display Cabinet

This detailed display cabinet seems to consist of paper, transparent plastic for the glass effect and thin slices of wood that can be cut with a sharp blade. Accurately measuring and drawing out your templates and fixing them together with glue – and hanging the doors with miniature hinges – can be achieved too.


Miniature Desk

We believe we have saved the best till last. Although the above are incredible, this one tops our list for having the most attention to detail paid for such a small piece.


Thanks for stopping by! tell us your which was your most favourite in the comment below 🙂