Abandoned Home Interiors

A handful of homes that have been left uninhabited over the years. Some of which have been forgotten so long that nature has already began reclaiming its spot. Below, you will see some beautiful homes that will make you question how and why they have been left to rot. However, in some instances it is safe to say that an abandoned home sometimes has a raw beauty about it – especially in more traditional homes.

Traditional Staircase

Looking at this image, it makes you wonder how incredible this would look if restored to its former glory. With bags of character and being the first thing you see when you walk through the door, it is definitely a feature that would make a great impression to guests. In-fact, in it’s current condition it still makes a fantastic impression.


Abandoned Living/Dining Room

If it wasn’t for the rotting wood, this room would probably look as though it had never been discarded. With the remaining dining set with plates and glasses still remaining, TV, sideboard, pictures and clock on the wall, it makes you wonder how this home was left to depreciate.


Abandoned Study

This abandoned study seems to have been mysteriously left with most, if not all, books remaining. It is interesting to wonder what the books actually contain, but nevertheless it’s reassuring to know they haven’t been vandalized.


Nature Slowly reclaiming It’s Space

This old living room has obviously been left for a while. With it’s characteristics slowly decaying from the force of mother nature, it makes you wonder how much this room radiated it’s beautiful character when once occupied.


Added Extra

The Oldest House is France

Built around the 13th century, this old house in Aveyron, France is still standing and inhabited in today. Along with it’s beautiful exterior, this home has a reason why the upper floors are much bigger than the ground floor. Due to taxes, they were only required to pay tax on the ground floor square-footage, hence the larger upper floors.