Halloween Ideas You Should Try



The american tradition of Halloween has evolved quite considerably over the years, being celebrated by millions all over the world. With the huge number of people that celebrate it yearly, the tradition never fails to bring out the creativeness in people. For some, October 31st may be kind of frightening, but it is well intentioned and a lot of fun for children and adults – hence why it’s the biggest holiday of the year, with Christmas being the most celebrated.

With such a celebrated holiday, it’s inevitable that creativeness is only going to get even better. Below we have compiled a list of ideas you should try if your throwing your own party this year.

Baby Face Mirror

This one can be made at home using a toy doll and Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris is used for making basic sculptures. It’s important you learn how to use this material which you can discover here.

Fun fact: Plaster of Paris is also used by hospitals to form a cast to protect an injury such as a broken arm.


Coloured In Orange Pumpkins

Produce your very own pumpkin look-a-like babies by drawing scary faces on them. All you need are a bundle of oranges and a marker pen, which can all be bought for less than £5 dependent on how many you buy and where you buy them from.


Free Shots

If you are throwing a party, a good way to start the night for you and your guests is to fill syringes with shots. You can buy toy syringes in bulk for a reasonably cheap price.


Rope Tie

Be creative and use a rope to replace your tie. We would recommend using a clip-on version for safety reasons.



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