How To: Bedroom Colour Matching

If you are interested in colour coordinating your bedroom, we have a few tips for you before doing so.

Depending on what kind of style you like, we have two suggestions for you that may inspire you to customise or alter your current decor choice.


Colour matching is something that needs careful thought. With the bedroom being the place of relaxation and rest, it is important to absolutely nail colour co-ordination. Generally, the aim is to create a sense of warmth and comfort. The example below shows how you can match your furniture colour with your wall. However, what will really create that sense of warmth is lighting. How does your lamp reflect from your chosen colour?



As mentioned with colour, careful consideration has to go into how you want your place of relaxation to look. With consistency being high priority, you need to ascertain what kind of feeling you would like when you enter the room. Creating a personalized theme is important however, you need to decide where you would like your pattern to appear. For example: Patterned wallpaper, headboard, curtains, tables, carpet etc. If you decide that you prefer a patterned wallpaper for example, it would be more effective to consider matching it with something else. For example, below you can see the headboard and curtains pattern match, proving to be very effective.



Remember: If you are still unsure on what decor style you would like; or are intrigued how your room would look with your chosen colour, visit our 3D virtual showroom. Our virtual showroom is a FREE service provided by us to help you tour a 3D model of your room to aid you in deciding your preferred colour choice.




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