Furniture Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Practical ideas on a budget

Whether it’s with furniture you already have, or you have to buy materials to build a cheap furniture piece, you can create almost anything you need if you have a very strict budget. Below, we present you with examples of what you may be able to implement in your home.

Balcony Laptop Rest

If you have a small balcony, good weather but limited space for you to work, try this. A laptop stand that easily sits on your balcony railings, giving you freedom to work and enjoy the weather at the same time.


Add a unique style to your patio

If you’re not a D.I.Y savvy and you’re hosting a party on the weekend, this alternative seating area is something you should definitely consider to provide extra seating. All that’s needed is breeze blocks, 6 lengths of timber and a spare 10 minutes.


From desk to a seating area

If you have converted your office area into a bedroom, instead of selling your desk, make it into a practical seating area for your living room/hallway.


Practical picture/dining table

Make your favourite wall picture your dining table as well. If space is limited, why not combine your picture frame into your dining area? it’s a win win situation that we’re sure will take your guests by surprise.


Bringing outdoor furniture indoors

These guys have literally gone all out to invest in a very unique bathroom area. Using old ladders as a towel rack, a door/window frame for a mirror, a bench and 2 metal tubs as the sink, you almost have yourself a full bathroom. Just one thing is outstanding, what did they use for the bath tub?


And finally, an improvised holder for your keys

If your rock days are over and your amplifiers are sitting there doing nothing. Instead of selling, salvage parts to use as a practical alternative – in this case, a holder for your house/car keys.


If you’re interested in purchasing new furniture, we have hundreds of products on our furniture sites:

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